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Subject Topic: Run Dundjinni Directly With Java Post ReplyPost New Topic
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Joined: 12/17/2007
Location: United States
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Posted: 12/17/2007 at 3:34pm | IP Logged Quote Biliruben

Edit: I was a day late, it seems: http://www.dunjinni.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=9541&PN=1

Firstly, my apologies to Fluid if they find this post provides information that they did not intend for the user community to have. If that's truly the case, I expect this will wind up getting removed in short order. But for those of us who find running Dundjinni directly from the .exe more frustrating than helpful*, I'll continue:

The .exe is just a wrapper to the main .jar file which, btw, is cleverly disguised as 'dundjinni.version.1.0.6'. I assume if you have a different version, you can figure out what your file name is. You can launch jar file directly using the 'java -jar jarfile'. But Dundjinni wants you to pass in a few options for it to actually crank up.

The first option is the path Dundjinni is located. For us Windows users, the default short-name is C:\PROGRA~1\Fluid\DUNDJI~1. I haven't tried with a long name yet. I'm sure it'd be fine.

The second option is a bit secretive in its purpose. I'm fairly certain it's an integer between 0 and 3 inclusively. For me, 1 worked fine. You'll know you got it wrong with the "There's a problem with your installation" message. As stated before, I don't know the purpose of this option, so buyer beware. For all I know, 2 might be the flag to uninstall everything and 3 sends dirty emails to your grandmother. I doubt the last part though.

The third option is the name you registered the product as. Don't forget to quote it!

And finally, fourth is the registration key. BTW, for you little salivating free-loaders, this little trick doesn't get you out of not paying for the product.

So, an example command would be:

%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java -jar dundjinni.version.1.0.6 C:\PROGRA~1\Fluid\DUNDJI~1 1 "Ted Bundy" mySerialKeyHere

*But why do this?

Letting java launch the .jar file directly has a couple of advantages. First, I can set my memory options to conform to every other java app I use (ya, I know, I can do it in the registry... blah). This wasn't why I decided to do this, it's just a side bonus.

Second, and more importantly, I can call it with any JRE I have installed instead of being forced to have 1.5_04 as my installed system JRE. Now, I can have jdk 1.4.2_whatever run Dundjinni WITHOUT reinstalling java and WITHOUT affecting my other java apps due to said reinstall. Now I can also install other versions of Java on my system to be the default installation and not worry about breaking Dundjinni. This makes me most happy.

As with any software product that gets manhandled by folks like me, don't hold Fluid to be responsible for anything that breaks when you do this. It just ain't supported.

Edited by Biliruben on 12/17/2007 at 9:18pm
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Joined: 01/04/2005
Location: Netherlands
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Posted: 12/17/2007 at 11:29pm | IP Logged Quote Kepli

It's probably just a shame we didn't have this information before, when the Java troubles surfaced

Welcome aboard Biliruben

I am not a tech-guy (per se), but I doubt this information is that secretive, especially since it doesn't let anyone use it for free
Being able to assign a Java version to DJ is a good development imo. That is, until the new patch is released

You can never have enough vines - Vines are good - Vines help you - Vines are cool ...
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Joined: 08/31/2006
Location: Australia
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Posted: 12/19/2007 at 8:46pm | IP Logged Quote WayneFrancis

Good information Biliruben...Where were you 2 years ago? :P
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